According to Fortune, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Inc. and a significant figure in contemporary industry, experienced a $70 billion growth in his net worth, rising from $107 billion at the beginning of 2023 to $177 billion a year later. This means that there will be a daily rise of $191,780,822, or almost $7,990,868 each hour.


To put this in perspective, Bezos makes the same amount of money in 2023 as the median career salary of a normal American worker ($1.7 million) in only 0.21 hours or 12.76 minutes. Put another way, Bezos makes less than 13 minutes worth of pay for the same job that a normal worker would make a lifetime of.


The primary factor fueling Bezos’s wealth increase is his ownership of Amazon shares. Amazon has grown tremendously since its 1997 IPO, not just in the e-commerce space but also in other domains such as digital streaming and cloud computing through Amazon Web Services.


Bezos’s net worth has been greatly impacted by these expansions, which have consistently raised the price of Amazon’s shares. With retail e-commerce sales expected to reach $746.22 billion globally in 2023, Amazon is expected to maintain its leading position in the e-commerce industry.


Bezos was paid a total of $1.7 for the 2022 fiscal year. A basic salary of $81,840 was included in this entire compensation package; there were no incentives, stock options, or awarded stock. Other forms of remuneration accounted for the remaining $1.6 million. Since 1998, Bezos’s base pay has not changed.


Even though Bezos’s financial success may appear unattainable, it is proof of the strength of fortitude, creativity, and vision. His narrative gives people encouragement and hope by serving as a reminder that big things are achievable with hard work and smart planning.