Young Mai Watanabe, a self-described dating fraudster, was taken into custody after peddling how-to manuals for tricking “sugar daddies” using paid dating services.


Japan native Watanabe, 25, was detained in August after she sold several dating scam manuals to her social media followers. These books, which had titles like “Textbook for Sugar Babies: The Right Profile and Magical Words to Make Men Pay,” went into great depth about how to approach middle-aged men who are susceptible and extract as much money as you can from them. One of these contentious handbooks instructed users to tell their sugar daddies that they had a difficult upbringing in order to win their compassion and get money.


Among their other strategies was fabricating a story about being sick and unable to work, saying they desperately needed assistance with rent payments.


Sources from the Naka Police Department claim that Watanabe began offering her scamming instructions for sale last year, charging between 10,000 and 20,000 yen ( Approximately $302.04 FJD), plus an extra cost for private instruction. Prior to her arrest, the young lady reportedly sold over 2,000 copies of her books, according to Japanese media.

But how skilful of a con artist was Mai Watanabe as a sugar baby? To sell a manual on the subject, one would have to regard themselves as an authority, correct? The 25-year-old lady turned out to be an experienced “papa katsu” (paid dating) expert.


She was accused of stealing about 27 million yen ($407,665.66 FJD) from a 50-year-old man in September, according to a report in the Japanese newspaper The Mainichi. She allegedly told the man that she had borrowed money from a friend to open her own clothing store and that she would have to sell her body at a brothel to repay the loan.


New charges against Mai Watanabe were published by The Mainichi last month. This time, the accuser, a 54-year-old man, stated that he had sent Riri the Sugar Baby a total of almost 117 million yen ($1,766,551.19 FJD) .