Japan is home to many male cosplayers who choose to wear female clothes and fool everyone with their appearance, but Himenii is one of the few who uses this talent to create funny content for his online fans. Himenii’s cosplaying talent is superb, but he is famous for his funny videos, in which he either interacts with random people, speaking in a loud voice while disguised as a girl or stages sketches while filmed by a friend.

In an interview with R25 Magazine Himenii said that he had always liked women’s clothing but ultimately it was his parents’ constant pressure to act more manly that made him rebel and start posing as a girl. The more they tried to restrict his freedom of expression, the more compelled he felt to dress like a girl. After he got a part-time job in high school, he started buying his female attires.

Himenii doesn’t feel embarrassed when dressing up as a girl, on the contrary, he is known for saying that wearing women’s clothes is the manliest game that only real men can play.

The Japanese influencer points out that he only enjoys dressing as a girl. He considers himself a man and has a female girlfriend, but he just feels better when wearing women’s clothes. he finds men’s clothes uninteresting, and even though he wears male clothes sometimes, it’s when he puts on his girly cosplay outfits that he feels most comfortable.