Jennifer Lopez was a late add to the performance list at the American Music Awards but the superstar is always ready to go. J-lo is such a star that she can get a performance plan ready in 24 hours.



She has a lot planned for 2022 where  she is set to star alongside Maluma and Owen Wilson in the upcoming romantic comedy Marry Me, and to give fans a tease of the film’s soundtrack, the superstar took the stage at the American Music Awards to perform the movie’s first promotional single “On My Way.”

Complete with a mid-performance outfit change into a pink-toned bridal gown, scenes from the upcoming movie playing on screens around her. In addition to tossing a bouquet, J. Lo belted the passionate lyrics: “And every heartbreak was a yellow brick road / Pointing me straight, just taking me home / I was never lost, I was just passing through / I was on my way to you.”

In Marry Me, which hits theatres on Valentine’s Day, Latin pop star Kat Valdez (Lopez) finds out that her on-stage partner (Maluma) has been having an affair behind her back. On the day of their massive, live-streamed wedding, Lopez’s character chooses to marry a random stranger, math teacher Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson), who was holding a “Marry Me” sign by accident at the show.

check the trailer:


{Source: Billboard}