This has been mentioned before and I think this situation is the best way to prove this statement right, but nobody goes hard for the Cokes quite like the ACSOG community, be it here in Fiji or overseas.



This morning, a couple of videos and pictures from San Francisco were sent in to the FM96 Facebook page and they were of the ACSOG community in San Francisco. They’re having a mini-reunion at an OG’s house she will be hosting a Cokes games watch party. How awesome is that??


When they had sent in their videos, their party bus was actually on its way to the Golden Gate Bridge and then after that, it would go to Twin Peaks.



The cheering doesn’t even stop! They’ve been cheering on their ladies from before they got on the bus, to when they were in the bus, and they will continue to cheer in front of a big screen at their Watch Party host’s house.

You can see in the videos how these ladies have never lost their school spirit and after 2 years of a Coke Games dry spell, having a reason to get together like this was something that they really needed.



Vinaka, ladies, for the support. I’m sure your athletes and current students are more than grateful.