With the colder months creeping in and the festive season approaching, the Christmas decorations are starting to move from storage and into the dedicated space of homes for display.

Christmas-goers who love the festivities may already have their decorations up for display while others choose to wait until December hits.

A woman has sparked a huge debate online as she claims those who already have their attentions up are “attention seeking” – but not everybody agrees with her claim.

The woman admitted she was tired of people having their festive displays up since October and November.


Christmas Scene with traditional homemade Danish Christmas Decorations. Warmth of the candles and fairy lights with white tree


She captioned the post: “Am I being unreasonable to think that people who put Christmas decorations up super early are just attention seekers?”

The anonymous user’s opinionated debate initially sparked after her neighbour had their festive decor up since Halloween.

She explained:

“My neighbour has had her house decorated fully for Christmas now for almost two weeks – they started going up on Oct 31st. Fully lit tree in the window, outdoor lights, Christmas wreath on the door – the works.

“She’s done this since she moved next door to me five years ago and I assume she did it before that too.

“Since I’ve known her, she’s also posted on Instagram and her WhatsApp status each year on either Christmas Day or the 26th to show her decorations coming down and a general ‘I can’t spend another minute looking at them’ message.

“If she put them up at Christmas and not at Halloween, she wouldn’t be looking at them for all that long.”


From this observation, we can assume she probably may just have something against her neighbour

If you think about it… Is putting up Christmas Decorations really an attempt to seek attention or is talking about how annoyed you are with Christmas Decorations, a desperate attempt to be noticed??

When asked, Joey/Bunene responded to this woman’s statement… She has one word for this woman


[Source: Mirror]