Have you ever heard of extreme ironing? If you haven’t, you won’t be the only one who doesn’t know about this.

The word extreme refers to something over the top, great, or at its highest level. So what is the highest level of ironing?

Extreme ironing is a British-born sport that works to combine three things: physical strength, mental strength, and humor. It’s not surprising if you don’t know anyone that does ironing for sport. You can even check images on the net to see how crazy ironing can be. Some people capture themselves ironing clothes while scuba diving, spelunking, and even midway up a cliff!

Despite how ridiculous the sport sounds, many take extreme ironing seriously. People even created organizations to handle various challenges and establish rules when participating in them. An example of this is the Extreme Ironing Bureau, also known as EIB, which promotes and regulates the sport.