As weird as that sounds, it has happened!🤭😂🤣

Two months ago, I went with the FM96 team  for one of our client’s roadshows in the West and we stayed at one of the locally owned Hotel in Nadi.

One of my favorite people happened to be with us as well from our sister station – Sargam FM (Reena). She’s one of my favourites because she cooks most of our meals.😊😊

So on our last night, Reena cooked chicken in soy sauce with rice and also had chicken curry and eggs on the side.

Fast forward to the next morning,🤭 Ella from our sister station Legend FM wanted to pack some of the left over  from dinner to take to the Roadshow but couldn’t find any containers……

We were already running late so I couldn’t help Ella look for containers to pack some food, so everyone rushed into the transport.

Upon reaching the Roadshow site, I noticed Ella holding onto a plastic bag that looked like it was holding a pot or something…

It wasn’t just “something”,😂😂 it was the rice cooker top.😂

Since Ella couldn’t find any containers, she just put the curry and the chicken in soy sauce with the rice in the rice cooker top.😂😂😂😂