Twins can have radically different perspectives on the world because they are frequently dressed alike by their parents and frequently confused for one another. Many people embrace this by wearing outfits that coordinate or match, while others choose unique looks to set themselves apart.

By attempting to become pregnant at the same time, both by their shared fiancé, a set of twins have elevated their relationship to a new level.

Anna and Lucy Decinque are identical twins who do everything together, including dressing alike and using the restroom at the same time. Now they want to start a family and maintain their same routines.

Extreme Sisters stars Anna and Lucy have been recording their attempts to conceive for the past year, but they’ve recently started bringing baby dolls with them when they leave the house.

Due to the sisters’ polyamorous relationship and shared engagement with Ben Byrne, any children they have would be both half-siblings and first cousins. Ben would then be both the children’s father and their uncle for both women.

The couple discussed their infertility issues and the reasons they started bringing the baby dolls out in public while appearing on the show. We’ve had some difficulty trying to get pregnant, so this is the next best thing, they claimed.
The baby dolls are clothed exactly like their expectant mothers as Anna and Lucy try to understand what it’s like to be a mother and the responsibilities that come with it.

“Our dream is to be pregnant together at the same moment,” they said in their statement to the Extreme Sisters producers.

Despite their difficulties, they are delighted about the possibility and first expressed a desire to synchronize their pregnancies in 2021. It was said: “We’ve never performed a pregnancy test. How a stick can confirm your pregnancy is quite wonderful.”
“Age-wise, we are 35. We’ve decided we want children right now, “Added they.
Says Lucy “Anna might be pregnant, but I’m not, so I’m having a heart attack. We’d rather be both pregnant than just one.”

The twins have been shown in clips taking their temperatures while in bed and bringing Ben into the room after the thermometer shows they both have the same fever.

It’s going to be a problem to get them both pregnant at the same time, Ben warned the producers later that day as the women lay together with their legs up against a wall to promote fertilization. For one individual, the pressure is undoubtedly great. I suppose it’s an issue of multitasking.

Ben has been seeing the sisters since 2012, but despite becoming engaged to both twins in May 2022, polyamory is illegal in Australia, so they cannot legally get married.