If you had to click on this article to find out why, I’m giving you the side eye right now.

One thing I’ve learned is that if you did it when you were drunk, you were wanting to do it when you were sober.

Unless you were black out drunk and it was done without your consent, then please press charges!

But if you ever made out with a cousin while you were under the influence of alcohol, chances are you were already checking them out while you were sober.

If you were already in a relationship when it happened, please just leave your partner, because at this point, there is no excuse in the world that can save you from that.

You can charm your way out of a lot of things, but getting intimate with a cousin is not one that you might be able to escape, and even if you do, just know that you’re an A Grade weirdo and that cousins are NOT for practice!

Also, if you’re the type of person to find nothing wrong with having romantic feelings for a member of your family, A BLOOD MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY AT THAT, you’re not an inbred European royal. You don’t have any obligations to keep the blue blood tradition going. Seek help.