Despite the fact that she is a stay-at-home mother, a guy is facing severe reaction from his wife because he won’t share the £1,100 bonus he earned at work with her.

The couple has traditionally just kept that money separate for themselves because the man receives an annual Christmas bonus and his wife often receives a comparable sum from her parents for Christmas.

The wife’s parents did not, however, offer her such a sizable sum of money this time around, but his bonus increased as a result of a promotion. She believes it is only fair that they split the higher bonus, but he is less enthusiastic.

The man, who chose to keep his identity a secret, stated on Reddit: “Her parents always give her some money as a present for Christmas. Depending on their financial status, it can be more or less than £800.

“Although it varies, I get a similar sum as a Christmas bonus at work. We came to the decision that each of our own Christmas funds would serve as our personal spending money for the year, kept apart from the rest of our joint finances.

He continued by saying that her parents were having financial difficulties this year and could only afford to give her about £80 in gifts.

But now that he’s been promoted at work, his bonus has grown to about £1,100.

He stated: “I recently was promoted, and as a result, this year’s bonus was £1,100. When I told my wife, she suggested splitting the funds evenly so that each of us would have about £500 to spend.

“We had agreed that we would keep our Christmas money separate and utilize it however we saw fit, so I declined. I also mentioned how my employer had a very difficult year a few years ago, and as a result, I only received an £80 bonus. My wife received £800 from her parents in the same year but did not divide the money with me.