Hosting Christmas parties before December 25 is no easy task; it may be very challenging to gather the family and prepare a meal that will be enjoyed by all. Others may feel that ordering takeout is the best option for them to relieve some of the pressure before it increases. Some may decide to serve a drab buffet to pre-Christmas guests or rehearse their turkey and trimmings.

But when one man’s boyfriend’s family wanted to organize a pre-Crimbo celebration but served Chinese food as their dinner, he wasn’t happy. He posted on Mumsnet to complain about the lack of “Christmas food, excellent snacks, Christmas nibbles, etc.” and was unimpressed by the response.

“I’m posting for general thoughts if others believe this was unreasonable behaviour or not because my boyfriend thinks I was and is upset with me, but I don’t really think it was at all,” he added.

“I accepted the invitation to go to my boyfriend’s brother and his wife’s house for the next (this) Christmas when my boyfriend and I (we are gay) were invited last Christmas.

“Actually, AI had forgotten about it, but when reminded, she was still eager to go. Sunday was the date. Since I was invited to a Christmas dinner, it goes without saying that I expected holiday fare. Of course, since the meal wasn’t on the actual holiday, I only expected general holiday fares like tasty snacks and other Christmas-related fares. However, when we got there, there was no food available, nothing was cooking, and I couldn’t even smell it.

“I looked in the kitchen, but there was nothing there to sight or smell. So I asked my boyfriend’s brother, “Aren’t you going to get some food ready to cook for us?” in a non-rude manner. I overheard, and my boyfriend’s wife said, “Oh, we’re going to order Chinese.”

“Then I said (in a polite tone), “Oh… Just because it’s Christmas and everything, I was hoping for meals more akin to Christmas! After that, my boyfriend’s brother yelled angrily at me, “NO, we just told you what we’re having so that’s enough, we’ll hear from you.” (Those were not his exact words, but they were severe and along those lines.) My boyfriend didn’t even respond to what he said.

“I kept attempting to drag my boyfriend aside to inquire him what I was arranging to eat since I do not like Chinese nourishment but it was cumbersome since he was continuously around his brother and spouse and I couldn’t get him on his possess. “After the nourishment arrived they all opened everything and there was not one single thing I enjoyed so I was fairly cleared out to choose at bits of noodles and rice saltines bleakly while they were all eating until their hearts were substanceA while later, as we were clearing out I fair wasn’t truly saying much.

“They opened the entryway and my boyfriend and his brother were fair doing common ‘goodbye’ chit chat and I knew it was likely to drag out so in order to create it faster I immediately said bye and strolled straight out and made my way to the car. “Almost the complete travel domestic my boyfriend yelled at me at the top of his lungs being ballistic at me and after that kept over and over yelling at me like a parrot: ‘You didn’t indeed say thank you. You didn’t indeed say thank you.’ I in the long run said back: ‘Well, I wasn’t planning to say thank you for something I do not indeed like, why ought I to?’

“When he dropped me at domestic he fair looked me and after that fair said ‘bye’ in a cruel tone and drove home without saying another word. Attempting to be wry clearly, but it still felt exceptionally pernicious to me. “Do individuals think he is right and I am being outlandishSince I didn’t see the got to say thank you for something that I do not like and can’t eat? Or do others concur that he (at the side of his brother and spouse) was the outlandish one?”

Within the answersindividuals hammered the man for his conduct, saying he carried on completely improperly from the get-go. One composed: “You were inconsiderate straight from the off!” and another concurred: “Omg you were so rude.”