One unfortunate husband, on Christmas Day no less, committed the ultimate mistake when he forgot his wife and drove off into the night. Even worse, the spouse was trapped for 100 miles and was unaware of his wife’s departure, which left her having to trek kilometres.

Boontom Chaimoon, 55, defended the unaware husband by claiming he thought his wife was dozing in the backseat.

Early on Christmas Day in 2022, an incident occurred in Thailand, and Boontom is most likely still apologizing for his error. Boontom was travelling through the night to her homeland in the province of Maha Sarakham with his 49-year-old wife, Amnuay Chaimoon.


Like any road journey, sometimes the need to use the restroom arises, and at around three in the morning, Boontom had to pull over. Following Boontom’s exit from the vehicle, his spouse made the decision to go potty as well, exiting the vehicle and going into the neighbouring forest to relieve herself.


Upon her return, she discovered that her spouse had vanished and the automobile was gone. Amnuay’s situation was made worse by the fact that she was without cash and had left her phone in the car. She was forced to hike 13 km through the night to reach Kabin Buri’s centre.


She discovered a police station at around five in the morning and begged the officers to assist her in finding her spouse. Even worse, she contacted her own phone 20 times without success and had no idea what her husband’s phone number was. Boontom was 100 miles away when he finally realized his mistake and had to go back and determine when they had split.


Boontom, rattling with guilt, hurried back to rejoin his wife and apologized for his mistake.


Fortunately, Amnuary has moved on from the strange experience and does not harbour resentment towards him. The pair has a 26-year-old son and has been married for over 27 years.


Ladies, what would you do in this situation?