Both nature and the species that inhabit the earth can be fascinating in many different ways. Speaking of which, there have been a number of reports of several birds behaving strangely or against their usual course.

Some recordings of birds and their peculiar behaviours have recently gone popular, from flocks of crows assembling on a Japanese island to behaving strangely moments before a strong earthquake rattled Turkey. Adding to the trend, a new video from a city in northern Mexico has gone viral online, showing a huge number of birds dying after falling from the sky.

A security camera in Mexico’s CuauhtĂ©moc city caught the action as hundreds of yellow-headed blackbirds suddenly plummeted from the sky and hit the sidewalk. A longer version of the footage showed some of the birds laying dead on the pavement, while other birds appeared to have survived the fall and were seen flying away.

Although the incident happened in February of last year, the video keeps popping up, shocking people with such behaviour.

Importantly, the precise cause of the birds’ abrupt fall is still unknown, while experts suspect a variety of causes. Meanwhile, members on social media posted their thoughts in the comments area. Other people also posted videos of related events.