Are you lonely as hell? Are you sick of cuddling up to sweaty men to find they snore and fart in their sleep?

Well, don’t you worry! there is a man-sized emotional support bear that is here for all of your cuddling needs.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you’re single, or if you just need to be little spoon every once and a while, then this bear is for you.

The support bear can cost you $350 FJD but you’re sure in for a A-Grade hugging session!

We women are often left alone for various reasons. That’s why Puffy is made with a human shape and size to replace as much as possible the lack of physical presence when we need to hug or lean.

There has been a lot of positive reviews from customers.

The first few days I felt a bit strange until I got used to his presence because he seems like a real person, but now I can’t imagine walking in and him not being home

Susan one of the women who tried this bear admitted that although she is a grown adult, she is still afraid of the dark, but since the bear has been in her bedroom, she stopped being afraid.

It’s good that most women are loving this support bear, as long as it doesn’t turn into an obsession & someone ends up having a relationship with the Bear, till then …GOOD JOB Mr. Bear!