It’s not always easy trying to figure out if someone likes you.

But here are 5 signs that the Fijian girl you’ve been talking to or maybe the one you don’t even notice likes you.

  1. When she does things for you (even without asking). Most women have a keen attention to detail so they will most likely be paying attention to the things you need without you even noticing it. And if she gets it done without you asking then she LIKES YOU likes you.
  2. If she has strict parents but still finds a way to see you. If you’re Fijian then you will know that no matter how old you get, if you’re still living with your parents, going to see you’re “friend” is always going to follow a 3-hour lecture. So if she’s able to see you after going through all of that then she’s a keeper.
  3. She’ll find a way for you guys to spend time together. Girls let alone Fijian girls will never openly tell you that they want to hang out BUT they will find a way to be at the same event you’re at just so you guys can “bump into each other”.
  4. She will ignore you. Yes it may seem counter-productive but most people cannot handle rejection especially from someone they like so the safest thing for her is to act uninterested.
  5. Finds excuses to touch you.  If she finds excuses to touch you, like fixing your hair, brushing something off your clothes, or giving high-fives, it might indicate she’s comfortable with physical contact and wants to be close to you.

These signs aren’t solid proof but the best way to find out if she likes you–

Just ask her.

Is there anything else you think we should add to this list?