Tips to maximise your petrol while prices are at an all-time high

With petrol prices on the up and up, we’ve put together a list of ways you can maximise your tank of fuel to help minimise the sting when you next have to pay at the pump.

8 Ways To Reduce How Much Petrol You Use…

Don’t speed

Make sure your tyre pressure is correct

Avoid using the air con

Take off any roof racks

Drive smoothly

Keep your load down

Reduce idling time

Avoid making short trips

A study from the AA found that making these small adjustments can actually have quite an impact on your fuel!

Poor driving style – used almost 20% more

Added weight and drag – used 11.11% more

Incorrect tyre pressures – used 7.76% more

Air conditioning off – saved 8.68%* Using fuel-efficient tyres – saved 4.71%