True Story

In Fiji we love our stories… and when stories are based on real events and told in the form of songs the value is priceless


The Use of dates is very common and it sticky stambas the validity of your song because you’re reminiscing back to a time that once was


Mention the name of places. This will lead a lot of gang to relate to your song because it just might be somewhere they may have been before or may have heard of

The Rose

The girl is always referred to as a rose followed by where they are from which by the way, personally, does not make sense since roses aren’t Native to Fiji lol

School Names

If a School is mentioned in a song… the marketing and publicity will be done by the students and teachers current and old out of school pride

The Villains

This is a fun last tip, quite a number of popular songsĀ  will always have that one guy from theĀ  British Army who ruins everything