So the wild thing is that horror films in all their most gruesome and freaky ways are actually good for you. Here is a list of the many benefits of watching horror movies, and why.

1. They Burn Calories

Yes, correct! Watching a good horror flick gets the blood pumped so that it feels like you’re working out at the gym. A study published by the University of Westminster got ten people to watch different horror films.

The people taking part had their heart rate monitored, as well as their oxygen intake and carbon dioxide output. The heaviest person or most unfit person in the group that took part burned 184 calories! This is the same number of calories that you could burn during a weightlifting session or a walk.

So, there’s no excuse not to watch a horror movie – you can watch it guilt-free, just think of the calorie burn!


2. They Can Help Relieve Depressive Feelings

It’s strange to say this but it is very true nothing releases pressure like a good jump scare. Although we’re not suggesting that horror films may treat depression, they can improve your mood. This is a result of the adrenaline that shoots through your body while you’re in the middle of anything frightful or startling!

When you watch a scary movie, your adrenaline levels can rise again since people with depression experience drops in these hormones.

Euphoria may result from the thrills and jumps you encounter.

Because you can fully immerse yourself in the event, this can also assist in lessening whatever stress you may have been feeling.


3. They Can Influence Your Real-Life Decisions

By this, we’re basically saying that scary movies can tell you what not to do!

It’s likely that you’ve found yourself screaming at a scary movie at some of the stupid decisions that the characters make. So, when it comes to the benefits of watching horror movies, we’re saying that they can act as a cautionary tale for you to learn from.

This could mean deciding not to give a hitchhiker a lift, not walking home alone late at night, or just not being too trusting of strangers in general.

4. They Teach You To Protect Yourself

Our predecessors had to rely on their instincts to take care of themselves and their loved ones since they had to hunt and battle to survive.

Therefore, if we ask ourselves, “Why is horror good for you?” one could respond, “Because it teaches you life lessons by exposing the existence of evil in the world.”

They can assist in preparing you to fight your way out of risky or trying circumstances.


5. They Can Help You Face Your Fears

We would contend that facing your anxieties and fears head-on is one of the best advantages of watching horror films. The creators of horror films are quite astute, as they often take inspiration from actual experiences and anxieties. We can empathize with the characters more in horror films that are more realistic.

This can heighten the sense of dread because it might actually be genuine! This can assist you in overcoming your phobias in the actual world. Regarding phobias, each of us is unique. You will probably agree, though, that some phobias are incredibly common, such as those related to blood, spiders, or the dark.

These are just a few benefits of watching Horror shows…..yikes.