I’ve seen it, you’ve seen it , WE’VE ALL SEEN IT. The slap that rocked the host and the whole internet; shooting right up to the #1 trending topic on Twitter has now garnered the attention of the biggest celebs in Hollywood with everyone giving their own take on the situation.

First up was baby Smith himself, Jaden Smith with this:

Entirely supporting the hit his dad dished out to Chris Rock, but then again Chris did diss his mother so I guess in his mind, HE HAD IT COMING.

On the other hand, Kendrick Perkins, Influencer and NBA star had this to say about the whole situation

and the flood of reactions from celebs on the scene just said it all,

Nicole Kidman was left dumbfounded, while a host of other celebrities had a good time seeing the whole thing go up

I have gotta say, the look on Ryan Reynolds (bottom right) face has to be one of my favourites, looks like he’s just there for the ride haha.

The whole situation has also set off a meme tsunami, giving the internet something to laugh about.

Lupita Nyong’o ‘s face is meme gold in this one and even Queen Beyonce and Jay Z served some amazing looks after the whole splash

All in all, I think, this isn’t gonna die down for while cause the whole internet is going crazy hahaha