Over the weekend, Hindus from Fiji and all over the world celebrated Holi, the festival a homage to the victory of good over evil. To mark the occasion people throw coloured powder and water on each other.

Living in Fiji, we are really lucky to be around a melting pot of culture and religions and over the weekend I was surprised when I saw quite a number of people roaming around Suva with coloured powder strewn across their clothes in all the colors of the rainbow and I was a bit lost as to why everyone was decorated with this. Little did I know we were in the middle of the festival color ; otherwise known as Holi.

Walking around the Bus Stand and through the city, all these sights brought a smile to my face seeing not only our Indo-Fijian brothers and sisters with colour on their faces but also I-Taukei and other races alike with their faces plastered with bright colors. A true show of solidarity in celebration.

The powdered colour and water is thought to be a reference to Krishna playfully coloured water at people as a boy.