Having the right chair for the office is something everyone needs to ensure productivity…..well kinda!!

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A team of Volkswagen designers and engineers developed a high-tech office chair that you can drive at a top speed of 12mph (20km/h)

Most high-tech office chairs are either simply waterproof, or stainproof, or are designed at a higher standard in terms of ergonomics. But Volkswagen’s recent take on a high-tech office chair shows just how low the bar sits at the moment. The German car manufacturer designed and built an office chair with a built-in motor and controls, allowing the user to drive it at a respectable top speed of 12mph. And that’s just one of the crazy features built into this one-of-a-kind piece of office furniture.

Source: Volkswagen

The main goal of this unique project was to implement as many features found in a real Volkswagen car into an office chair, and the team did a truly outstanding job. Not only did they manage to put in an actual motor and driving controls, but also a seatbelt, honk, built-in speakers, and even tiny rims for the chair wheels.

The futuristic office chair also comes with 360-degree collision prevention sensors, a backup camera, a touchscreen display, headlights built into the armrests, LED party lights, USB charging, a small pocket for storing documents and the WV logo stitched into the headrest.

If you’re wondering about autonomy, Volkswagen claims that it’s high-tech office chair comes with a swappable battery that offers a range of around 12km on a single charge.

But before you reach for your credit card, you should know that Volkswagen has been pretty clear that this was a one-off marketing project designed to highlight all the features that motorists sometimes take for granted. However, the German company did say that its high-tech office chair will “be available for test drives at various locations” in the near future.

Judging by some of the comments on the YouTube making-of video, I’d say Volkswagen may want to reconsider its decision not to make the chair commercially available. Some people seem ready to pay big bucks for it.

Well I don’t mind cruising to buy lunch with this Car I mean Chair.

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