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It has been months since the 2nd wave hit Fiji and everyone has just been keeping to themselves… well at least almost everyone

There are a few who still met up during the pandemic, mucking about together wreaking havoc… with their means of transportation varying from helicopters to trucks to snowboards to Dodge muscle cars with only one objective in mind… to be the last men and women standing

Call of Duty Mobile has been an escape from reality for quite a growing number of Fijians, and with more and more people signing up to take a crack at number 1… friendships are formed


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Now that the borders are opened and people are able to hang out this was a perfect opportunity to finally meet up with friends from the game without shooting at anyone or blowing up vehicles…

It was interesting seeing these guys in real life… there was the player with all the bad luck who kept dying in every drop (he was from Beqa, jokes my chau)… the skilled player who was able to hold her own and I’ve seen her wipe out 2 squads of players simoultaneously (She’s from Kadavu)… there’s the player who would get very dominant in game, the rusher (He came all the way from Lautoka to hangout)… all these strangers meeting for the first time in real life – Drix

To top off this hangout session, the squad got to meet another fellow clan leader… K9 Skipper aka Jerry Tuwai