Jessica Caldwell, a 29-year-old Swansea beautician who resigned from her profession to pursue witchcraft full-time, is now making thousands of dollars each month.

She spent money on crystals, tarot cards, and spell books while also creating a social media account for her company.

More than 5,000 clients are served by Caldwell, and every one of them requires her magic touch in some way.

She asserts that she has always been a witch but that she has never had the means to use her abilities until now.

She earns three times as much money working only on social media as she did at the salon.

When clients see her and take advantage of her entrancing abilities, they frequently inquire about love.

According to Caldwell, he offers free guidance on spirituality and spellwork, as well as instructions on how to make charms for protection and attracting people.

Some clients only desire a pleasant conversation, which is just as beneficial as reading.

While Caldwell acknowledges that some people are curious about what their partner thinks of them, there are times when she has to deliver the unpalatable truth.