If you look close into our humor and style we’ve sub-consciously adopted a few British traits after being under their rule

So I’m pretty sure we can agree with the Gang from Britain that if you’re gonna be drying out an electric kettle… YOU DON’T

This Photo just recently started making its rounds on Britains Social Media



It was captioned,

“My American brother-in-law drying his kettle…”

Brits took to the comments:

“You clean the outside by rubbing it with a towel, the inside never dries because you use it every four hours without fail,” someone said.

“Also, the build up of flaky, crusty minerals in the bottom of the kettle makes all the flavour and is the reason why tea tastes vastly different in every part of the UK,” another wrote.

A third simply said: “They’re not normal are they,” while a fourth joked: “Does he also hang his washing machine outside to dry?”

Do you dry out your kettle??