Saturday is usually the day to go shopping, relax or just spending time with the family but that was not the case for garage owner Nilu.

Nilu would open his garage 7 days a week even though he’s tired.

Everyone that knows this hardworking man knows that he is a real “Kava Champ” & viewed grog as a BEST FRIEND that helps him forget all his troubles.

On this particular morning, Nilu told one of his employees to mix the grog ready. They drank grog as they worked throughout the day.

The sun was setting, by then they were all grog doped so they decided to close the garage and call it a day.

Nilu decided that he wasn’t dope enough so he got into his car and was on his way to drink more grog at a friend’s place.

He was driving towards the Nausori Airport when he saw a car’s headlights on the footpath

He was trying to figure out why a car would be parked on a footpath and shining the lights his way.

Without hesitation, he winds down his window and yells

“MAAAiii$%^$$^&!!!*!!! WHY YOU PARK HERE”

Something didn’t sit right within him, so he started to drive slowly & thought of going back to confront the driver.

As he continued driving, he noticed that there were more similar lights down the road…


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”that was when he KNEW… He F**Ked up”

Vinaka Nilu… Your Best Friend (Grog) did you Dirty bro