This is stuff we can’t make up. A 22-year-old coach got her Lebron on and ultimately ended a season for a bunch of young ladies.

Just to set the scene Churchland High School Truckers had one player absent for the January 21 (Jan 22 FJ Time) game, So someone thought that assistant coach Arlisha Boykins should wear a jersey and play kids who were born in 2010.

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A clip shows one older player, believed to be Boykins (No. 1 in black) balling like a boss!

As you can see from the tweet Boykins (No. 1 in black) means business. She’s hitting an easy layup, blocking a shot well to be fair she sent the ball to a different timeline, she even connected on a pair of free throws. BRON MODE ON

Boykins was fired after the game, as was the head coach of the JV team (apparently, she encouraged Boykins to play) AND the head coach of the varsity team, WAVY-TV reports.

So, three people lost their jobs and around twenty high schoolers lost a team and the chance to have a bit of fun every week because one girl wanted to go LeBron James on some kids. Next time just play some 2k lewa.

The moral of the story is Winning is not everything, Doing it the right way is all that matters.