A young girl in the Indian state of Bihar routinely turned off the electricity in her entire community so she could meet a boy from a rival hamlet secretly.



Bettiah’s residents had been on edge for more than a week due to the strange power outages that seemed to happen practically every night in that part of Bihar’s West Champaran district.


People pleaded with the power provider to fix their network since the complete darkness provided ideal possibilities for robbers, but its representatives said there were no infrastructure problems. Nobody could figure out what was going on until one night, when several of the villagers kept watch in the community and spotted a young couple having a date in the shadows.


In order to conceal her relationship with Rajkumar, a young guy from a competing hamlet, it appeared out that the local girl, Priti Kumari, had fallen in love with him.


The inhabitants of the two villages ultimately decided that the young couple should get married, and their marriage was made official at a nearby temple in order to prevent more violence and power shortages.


Preeti’s plan to conceal her romance was actually motivated by the story of an Indian electrician who made headlines last year for turning off the electricity in his hometown so he could meet his lover covertly.