A knife-wielding Chucky doll and its ventriloquist owner were recently detained by police in the Mexican state of Coahuila for frightening bystanders on the streets in exchange for cash.


One of the scariest movie characters in history is Chucky, a deadly doll with red hair who is controlled by the spirit of a serial killer. Since he is a well-known figure whose terrifying smile has scared generations everywhere, it is not entirely surprising that someone would employ a Chucky doll to scare people into paying them money.


It took place in the town of Monclova in the Mexican state of Coahuila, where a guy only known as Carlos N. began doing ventriloquist tricks with a huge Chucky doll and terrified bystanders into handing over cash.


Police were called to the location after reports of a Chucky doll attacking people. When they arrived, they found a man holding a large red-headed doll that also happened to be brandishing a genuine knife. The photographs that subsequently went viral on social media show that both were detained and shackled. It seems that the ventriloquist also tested positive for narcotics.


The female police officer is currently under investigation for not taking her work seriously enough since she posed for pictures with the Chucky doll and handcuffed it at the request of the media.


Carlos N. was given his freedom after spending a night in jail since his offence was regarded as administrative. On Chucky, there have been no developments.