Recently, a party of 55 German vacationers in Mallorca, Spain, broke a new world record for the most beers consumed in three hours, at 1,254.


Playa de Palma, which is sometimes referred to as Spain’s epicentre of “drunken tourism” due to its vibrant nightlife, is where the strange incident occurred. Unknown to one another before, a number of German visitors planned their meeting at a well-known drinking spot using WhatsApp chat groups, with the particular objective that had been set by a group of their compatriots a few months earlier. When a different party of German visitors had finished 1,111 beers in three hours back in July, our heroes knew they could do even better.


The 55 individuals apparently broke the previous record by more than 100 drinks, paying a total of 2,380 euros ($2,534) for the massive round of beers.


Around 1:00 in the afternoon, the world record attempt came to an end. It started at 10:30 in the morning. The group boasted that they would reach 1,200 by noon, but it ended up taking them an hour longer than they had intended. Nevertheless, they were all thrilled with the outcome and celebrated for the remainder of the day at a different beach bar.


The group’s average beer consumption over the two and a half hours of drinking was 22 beers per person, with each member managing to down at least 10 beers every hour.


Kahmann acknowledged that he generally doesn’t drink this much and that day he had to go to bed at seven o’clock. Nevertheless, he said that the following morning, he felt rested and not at all hungover.