This FIFA World cup has a lot of funny occasions where the Fans just gave us a good run. From people trying to hide alcohol disguised as soft drinks and the work.

Following Saudi Arabia’s shocking defeat of Argentina during the Group Stage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, an eccentric Saudi Arabian fan became known worldwide for interrupting a South Korean reporter. Walking into the frame while the reporter highlighted the scenes outside the Lusail Stadium in Qatar, the fan exclaimed “Where’s Messi?” repeatedly.Poking fun at the soccer star Lionel Messi for not showing up and performing for his team, the moment became a meme throughout the sports world.

But now in another surprising turn, the Saudi Arabian fan has become an Argentina supporter. The fan was sported dressed in the same hat he was previously sporting but now accompanied by an Argentinian scarf. Caught in an interview with Spanish sports television network GOL PLAY, the fan shared his support for the nation following Argentina’s 3-0 win over Croatia during the Semi-Finals of the tournament.

Well safe to say he has found Messi.

(Source: Sportbible)