When it comes to food, Fijians are some top-tier fans.

When it comes to food that we can easily access by ordering online, we are here for it!

Just recently, a food page on Facebook has been gaining traction for what people are saying is overpriced food and the wrong kind of fried rice.



Earlier in the week, a Facebook page called The Grillenium Grub House posted a picture of two serves of fried rice priced at $25 each. The page goes on to explain in the caption of the photo that the fried rice is made with fresh rice, as opposed to the fried rice most people are used to that’s made with day-old rice, and that he always lets his clients know beforehand about the texture of the rice.

This, however, did not sit well with many Facebook users and potential customers who expressed how they felt in the comments thus beginning a series of comment wars between several Facebook users and the food page.



People claimed that the price of the fried rice was ridiculous, and the costs for his other foods were a bit much.

Regardless of the prices, the page seems to be getting a constant flow of orders daily.



Ever since the fried rice post started copping heat, the page has since gained hundreds of followers as well as more engagement thus proving the point that any kind of publicity is good publicity.

Although I do not agree with how the page has been replying to comments from people who are potential customers, I must give props to whoever is handling their page for this publicity stunt.



Whether it was on purpose or not, that’s beside the point.

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