The founder and owner of Hot Bread Kitchen, Doctor Mere Samisoni has passed away.

Many rate Samisoni as one of the most successful businesswomen in the country.

Samisoni was also a former Member of Parliament.

The Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation or PIPSO describes her as iconic, legendary, an institution.

It says these are the words that come to mind in an attempt to describe Fiji’s largest chain of bakeries that has been in business for over 40 years.

PIPSO highlights that Hot Bread Kitchen (HBK) was born out of an idea. It was inspired by a concept in Australia in the 70’s that founder Dr Mere Samisoni chanced upon while she was there with her late husband, Dr Jimione Samisoni.

Upon her family’s return to Fiji, the setting up of three Hot Bread Kitchens in 1982 were made possible through their joint partnerships with two other local businessmen, and Australian partner.

Eventually Samisoni Enterprises Limited bought 100% of the shares of the company and through the consistent fulfilment of HBK’s mission of providing the community with freshly baked bread everyday, HBK expanded to having a chain of bakeries around Fiji.

There’s an HBK shop at every corner and they also have a factory in Kalabu now.

Samisoni had said on her official LinkedIn that she was brought up from village life through Levuka town then city life in Suva.

She said her strongest support in every way was her mother, whose role model as a Christian was a beacon to her success.

She said her mother taught her that human values is the best guide to live a full and rewarding life.

Samisoni said these values are truth, respect, trust, grace, hard work, sharing and equity.

She said from village life to corporate life, her core values remain the same that has helped her succeed in the world of markets that drive business.

SOURCE: fijivillage