A passenger decided to wear at least 10 pieces of her clothing to avoid paying for extra baggage on a flight.



Gel Rodriguez, from the Philippines, wore 2.5kg of her clothes after her carry-on luggage exceeded the maximum weight of 7kg.

Rodriguez was told she would be charged a weight fee as her suitcase weighed 9kg.

Rodriguez shared onĀ Facebook:

When the airline staff at the check in counter said “Only seven kilos is allowed in hand luggage”. Me: “No problem”. *from 9kg to 6.5kg baggage #ExcessBaggageChallengeAccepted

Rodriguez toldĀ VICE:

I didn’t want to pay the fee for the excess baggage because it was only two kilograms.

However, the traveller said she said she probably wouldn’t do it again:

Maybe not. It was really hot. I don’t recommend other people do it.