Finally, the day has arrived… The GTA VI trailer has finally been released by Rockstar.


By now, everyone who plays video games knows how long we have to wait for Grand Theft Auto VI.


Even though there have been a ton of leaks, nothing official about the game has been released for years – until now.


Grand Theft Auto V, developed by the renowned franchise’s creator Rockstar Games, was published in September 2013 and celebrated its tenth anniversary earlier this year.

Since then, Rockstar has remastered some of their beloved games and published Red Dead Redemption 2, all to great critical acclaim.


However, GTA is a very different kind of monster, thus the release of the first trailer today will excite gamers everywhere, including casual players.


Last month, Rockstar broke the internet when they revealed that a GTA VI trailer would be released in December.


Rockstar’s president Sam Houser made the following announcement in a statement posted on X, formerly Twitter: “Next month is Rockstar Games’ 25th anniversary. We have had the chance to make games we are genuinely enthusiastic about because of the amazing support we receive from our gamers all across the world.



Source: UniLad