If you’re a Fijian and you have a social media account, you’re bound to have come across a social media post, be it a Facebook status or a tweet, talking about how far Hon. Lenora Qereqeretabua has come to make history being the first female NFP legislature to hold this position.

This photo specifically has been making its rounds around the Fijian community of the social media world.



Her achievements haven’t come around easy and she has consistently stood as a form of inspiration for so many young women all over Fiji that your dreams can come true with hard work and sacrifice.

We know it doesn’t need to be said, but we’re pretty proud of the fact that she’s an FM96 alumni and that she always acknowledges us in a positive light whenever she can.

Below are just a few tweets honouring her achievements.






There were some that wanted to point out the fact that she is from the beautiful islands of Kadavu.



Fiji isn’t short of inspiration when it comes to women in power, but we’re always ready to welcome more.

Congratulations, Hon. Lenora, and we hope for nothing but more great things for you in your future.