The Fijian Drua today announced new reduced ticket prices and a new child category price for the upcoming Shop N Save Super Rugby Pacific home matches in Lautoka and Suva as they search for their first sell-out match this season.

Fijian Drua CEO Mark Evans says

the team has now played a home match each in Lautoka and Suva, and while the atmosphere has been electric, they are yet to see a sold-out match.

He adds

the team needs its 16th player behind them as they take on the best teams in Super Rugby Pacific, and they have adjusted the ticket prices to get even more fans at the stadiums.

He adds that the Drua has made ticket prices for both matches even more affordable for people to bring their families along, especially with the introduction of reduced prices in various categories for children under 14 years of age.

Evans says their main aim is to bring down the prices so that they can bring in a lot of people.

Evans says the new prices reflect the Club’s ongoing assessment of the Fiji market.

He says they have introduced more reductions for the children in more categories than ever before as the Drua is a team of the people, and they hope these reduced prices will enable as many fans as possible to come out in numbers to support the team.

This a perfect time to have a baby face so we can enter as a child.


For the match against the Blues in Lautoka, ticket prices are as follows:

North Grass (TappooCity end)- $20 adult/ $20 kids,

East Grass- $35 adult/ $20 kids

Waitui Stand- $50 adult/ $25 kids

Timber 2- $70 adult/ $35 kids

Timber 1- $95 adult/ $50 kids

Southwest Silver- $120 adult/ $60 kids,

Southwest Gold- $150

Platinum remains at $180.

For the Fijian Drua vs Hurricanes on the 6th of May in Suva:

Seawall Grass is $25 adults/ $20 kids

Laucala Bay Grass– is $25 adults/ $20 kids

Concrete Grandstand- is $40 adults/ $20 kids

Bronze section– is $75 for adults/ $30 for kids

Silver section– $100 adult/ $50 kids

Gold section– $120

Platinum– $180.


(Source: Fijivilage)