A few days ago, Fijian adults gathered on social media and expressed how much they were absolutely disappointed with the passing rate of students this year when it came to the FEYE exam results.

The comments varied from saying that kids spent too much time on Tik Tok to kids being too va qaseqasea (acting grown).

A lot of them had something to say about the situation especially since somebody posted saying that only 67% of the year 8 population passed.

Personally, I don’t think that the students are to be blamed completely.

Also, the trend of grown adults still going off at little kids on social media is one of the worst trends I’ve ever seen in my life. It just makes adults look bitter and sad.

We also need to remember that these kids will most likely see their posts and comments on social media. What do you think this will do to their self esteem? Do you think it will help?

Yes, the percentage of students that passed was not what we expected, but that also doesn’t mean that they need to be vilified for it, especially not by grown adults who need to worry about frying bigger fish than mouthing off behind a phone/computer screen.