An 11-year-old boy was caught using his phone in bed, so his father in China made him play video games nonstop for 17 hours as part of a lesson on screen usage.


When his father discovered the Chinese child playing computer games at one in the morning, he had him play them “until he pukes.” The youngster begged for forgiveness, but the boy’s father, Mr. Huang, continued with the harsh punishment in an effort to teach his son the risks of spending too much time on technology.


Additionally, the father recorded the lesson and uploaded it on the Chinese social media site Douyin, which is comparable to TikTok in that country. The video clip showed Mr. Huang discovering his kid using his phone to play video games around 1:30 a.m., long after the boy had been sent to bed.


The weary 11-year-old in his pajamas was also seen being jolted awake to resume playing after dozing off in his chair.


Only after his son sobbed uncontrollably and agreed to a new agreement restricting his playing time did the father decide to stop punishing him. He asserted that his approach was successful but added that he would never suggest that other parents discipline their kids using the same technique.


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