During a Seattle concert for Kpop girl group NMIXX, one fan interaction caused an online frenzy after a baby was placed onstage during the band’s performance.

In a now-viral video, one of the six singers in the girl group, Kyujin, 16, could be seen rushing to lift the baby offstage back into the arms of its mother.


After the clip gained traction on social media, another fan shared another video they had captured of the moment, saying the mother placed the baby onstage after the crowd went “insane” by fighting to get to as close as possible to the performers.

[The] majority of the concert the baby was in their stroller to the side next to security with noise-cancelling headphones and was sleeping most of the time,”

the attendee wrote on Twitter.

It’s irresponsible to sit your baby on the stage but as soon as the girls started interacting everyone got out of their [seats] and started pushing towards the stage.

How far would you go to get your favourite singer’s attention?