Fijian music star Kuki has expressed his heartfelt gratitude and excitement for his upcoming one-night-only performance at the Fiji Showcase 2024 this Friday for the FM96 Birthday Bash. In a recent statement, he shared his enthusiasm about performing his new EP album “Noqu Vanua” along with his greatest hits.

“Oh uh, firstly honored thank you so much to uh Charles and the team for thinking of me. I think perfect timing ’cause I dropped my new EP album which is the first solo EP album this Friday (26/6) and yeah, I am really excited about showcasing some of the older stuff that I’ve got and the new EP album at the Showcase.”

Kuki’s new EP “Noqu Vanua” is his first solo EP album, and its release this Friday marks a significant milestone in his music career. The night will feature a blend of his classic hits like “Noqui Tau,” “Oilelei,” and “Lomai Galoa,” which have been captivating listeners on FM96 along with fresh tracks from the new EP, offering fans an exclusive musical experience and all for just $4!

Join Kuki and the FM96 team for an unforgettable night of music, celebrating FM96’s birthday this Friday the 5th of July.