Recently, a Kenyan man was taken into custody after it was discovered that, in spite of having no official legal training, he had masqueraded as an attorney and successfully defended a number of clients in 26 separate cases.


The term “real-life Mike Ross” refers to Brian Mwenda Njagi, a brilliant young man who works at a prestigious law firm and represents clients in spite of never having attended law school. Ross is a well-known character from the television series “Suits.” The parallel makes sense in light of the fact that Mwenda successfully represented clients in 26 separate instances before judges of the High Court and Court of Appeal.


It was only after receiving complaints about his inability to access his account from another lawyer, Brian Mwenda, that the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) started to suspect him.


After Brian Mwenda Ntwiga was admitted to the bar on August 5, 2022, his right email address was obtained and an Advocates portal account was created for him.


Ntwiga discovered he was using the incorrect login information in September of this year when attempting to access his account to activate his profile. After he called the Law Society of Kenya, an internal inquiry revealed that the lawyer’s account had been tampered with by someone else. Brian Mwenda Njagi was the person with the same name.


He changed his profile photo and applied for a law practice certificate after gaining access to the system.


The Law Society of Kenya’s Nairobi Branch’s Rapid Action Team detained Brian Mwenda Njagi on suspicion of pretending to be an attorney after compiling sufficient evidence. Although he hasn’t been taken before a judge yet, his story has already won over some people to the point where a Kenyan businessman, who claims to be impressed by his legal background despite never having appeared in court, offered to cover his bail.


While it’s not shocking that someone would pose as a lawyer given the frequency with which we’ve seen people impersonating doctors, Brian Mwenda Njagi’s streak of 26 wins is undoubtedly impressive.


Source: Oddity