The latest fad across the Pacific region on the internet involves one posting pictures of a certain individual that they are currently dating to a private Facebook group. The author will then ask if anyone in that group is also dating that person.

The original group that started this whole trend was from New Zealand. In particular, Auckland City. Members of the group would post pictures of a man that they were dating or in a romantic relationship with. This was done in the hopes of exposing whether or not the aforementioned man was unfaithful.

The group gained fast popularity and soon became a craze across the Pacific. Major island nations and cities in Australia and New Zealand quickly formed groups for their respective regions.

Recently, Fiji has jumped on the bandwagon. The group became well-known so quickly and ended up receiving over 1,000 new members overnight.

Members of the online forum are not only posting pictures of their alleged partners and flings but are also posting images of certain individuals with a “warning statement.”

In efforts to honour the girl code, female participants are letting others or the things that men have asked of them and why they should maintain a safe distance from them.

In a surprise turn of events, the male population of Fiji has created a forum for themselves where images of their alleged female romantic partners are being shared.

This has caused quite a controversy and only time will tell the severity of the casualties of this mania.