This takes pettiness to a whole new level

A man in China had what was supposed to be one of the happiest days of his life turned into a nightmare when a number of ex-girlfriends showed up to sabotage his wedding ceremony.

On February 6th, attendees at a wedding in Hengdi Village, China’s Yunan province, were stunned by an unusual display.

Around a dozen women showed up outside the wedding venue with a large red banner that read “We are Chen Song’s ex-girlfriends, and today we will destroy you”.

At first, many believed the unusual scene to be part of a friendly prank, but it was later revealed that the women were indeed Chen’s scorned ex-girlfriends out to ruin his big day.

“It embarrassed me quite a lot,” Chen Song told Feidian Video. “Now my newlywed wife and her family are upset with me.”

Interestingly, the groom admitted that he had behaved badly to some of his ex-girlfriends in the past, but claimed to have grown up and changed his ways since.

Still, his wife and in-laws are reportedly not speaking to him until they get a satisfactory explanation for the bizarre wedding scene.