Selvam Arumugam won $18,888 in cash at Pollisum Engineering’s event, which was inspired by Netflix’s hit show 🙌

Mr Selvam left his family in India to find work in Singapore in 2007 and says his wife thought he was joking when she heard the news.

As well as his wife and three children, he also sends money home to help support the families of his two brothers who have sadly died, and his in-laws.

He says he will use the prize money to build a family home in India so they no longer have to rent, and to help his brothers’ children pay for their studies 👏

Having not seen Squid Game himself, he says he copied what players in front of him were doing and ran as fast as he could during the Red Light, Green Light game and managed to escape elimination.

Pollisum Engineering gave out a total of $100,000 in prize money on the day, with Executive Director Chris Ang telling The Straits Times that they wanted to reward their staff for their recent success.