The owner of Twitter shared a picture on his very own social media platform that featured the two firearms sitting on his bedside table.

Also present is four empty cans of Diet Coke – caffeine-free, of course.

One of them looks like it might be quite an old one, being stuck in a presentation case showing George Washington crossing the Delaware River, but the other one looks like it might be real and ready for action.

We can’t be sure whether the guns are real or props, but it’s still an interesting detail for Elon to have shared with his millions of followers.


Elon showed off his bedside table on Twitter. Credit: Twitter/Elon Musk


What’s more, he clearly has a situation with a lack of coasters as there are horrible rings on the table that show where his cans of fizzy drinks have been sitting.

Instead of most people talking about how he had just put up a picture of guns beside his bed, people were more concerned about why he didn’t use coasters for his fizzy drinks

Even Joey/Bunene almost lost it when she noticed the bottle of water wasn’t closed

Musk did later tweet to address his lack of coasters, stating that there is ‘no excuse’ for it.

 [Source : Unilad]