In response to rumours that he is developing Twitter-challenging software, Elon Musk declared he is “up for a cage match” with Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.


When Musk formally acquired Twitter in October 2022, he joined Zuckerberg as the owner of a well-known social media platform. However, things haven’t always gone smoothly for Musk since then.


The platform’s founder has made numerous modifications, such as adding a “For You” feed to the homepage and removing blue verification ticks from users who refused to pay for them, and as a result, he has lost a lot of support from the app’s users.


Zuckerberg co-founded Facebook and continued to grow under Facebook’s parent firm Meta. He now appears to be taking advantage of internet users who are using Twitter as a way to avoid responsibility.


Only time will tell if Zuckerberg’s invention proves to be a strong rival to Musk’s, but if it is, then I suppose we’ll have to get ready to watch the two square off in the ring.