In a heartwarming tale from China, an elderly woman has chosen to leave her substantial fortune of $2.8 million ($6,272,700.00 FJD) to her cherished pets—cats and dogs. The decision stems from her disappointment with her three children, whom she claims neglected her during her illness and seldom maintained contact with. Originally, she would have allocated assets to her offspring, but a change of heart led her to prioritize her loyal animal companions.


Facing a legal obstacle preventing direct inheritance to pets, the woman, known as Liu, ingeniously appointed a veterinary clinic to oversee her wealth. This arrangement ensures that her beloved pets and their descendants will be well cared for after her passing. Legal experts caution about potential risks to her assets and suggest appointing a trusted individual to supervise the clinic’s inheritance management.


The touching narrative has resonated widely in China, where filial piety is deeply ingrained, and neglecting elderly parents carries legal consequences. While some hope for a reconciliation with her children, Liu’s story underscores the unique bond between humans and their animal companions, capturing the attention and sympathy of millions.