If you had “Ed Sheeran has a metal phase” on your 2022 bingo card, you’re in luck. The pop star is teaming up with British rock band Bring Me the Horizon once again to release a re-recorded, hard rock version of “Bad Habits” this Friday (Feb. 18), following their genre-bending performance of the song at the 2022 Brit Awards.

The news comes from Bring Me the Horizon’s social media accounts, which shared a recorded video call between the band’s frontman Oli Sykes and Sheeran, along with a pre-save link to their upcoming collaboration.

In the video, the two discuss their “controversial” opening performance of “Bad Habits” at the Brits, which featured surprise scream-o vocals and electric guitar from BMTH. “That show was nuts,” Sheeran says in the call. “It’s just a joy to be able to play electric guitar and actually rock out properly.” “So many people are asking for a studio version, it’s mental,” Sykes says, to which Sheeran replies: “We have to get one out. Do you think we can turn it around fast?”


News of Sheeran’s latest revamping of one of his own songs off 2021 album = (Equals) comes just after his “Joker Aad the Queen” remix, which was re-released on Feb. 10 to feature his good friend Taylor Swift. The delicate piano and Swift’s light vocals stand in stark comparison to what Sheeran and Sykes teased is to come with their upcoming track. “Make sure it goes proper death growl at the end,” the “Shivers” singer joked in BMTH’s video.

Check out Sheeran and Bring Me the Horizon meld pop with heavy metal at the Brit Awards below:



[Source: Billboard]