Eating a Michelin-star-level meal on the “edge of space” could be a reality next year, if French company Zephalto has its way.

The space tourism venture, founded by former air traffic controller Vincent Farret d’Astiès, is currently selling “pre-reservation tickets” for upcoming trips in a pressurized capsule, dubbed Celeste, attached to a stratospheric balloon.

This capsule will ascend to an altitude of 25 kilometres (about 15.5 miles), allowing guests to marvel at the curvature of the Earth. In between gawping at views, travellers will be wined and dined in style.

Pre-reservation tickets are going for 10,000 euros (roughly $10,900) and give purchasers a chance to reserve a seat whenever tickets go on sale. All in all, a trip on Celeste will set you back 120,000 euros (around $131,100).